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10,000 Reasons – A fundraiser for Elise

10,000 Reasons – A fundraiser for Elise 

Elise is a Year 9 student at HCC who has been rendered paralysed from the waist down by a condition known as Transverse Myelitis.  Transverse Myelitis (TM) is a disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord. It is characterised by symptoms and signs of neurological dysfunction in motor and sensory tracts on both sides of the spinal cord.

For Elise to be able to return to HCC, the College needs to make some significant adjustments.  The list provided by Elise’s Occupational Therapists to the College includes items such as ramps, installing electric doors as well as a host of other things; please see the most recent College newsletter for more details.  The cost of these adjustments is approximately $10,000.

On Thursday 17 August, the College will be hosting a fundraising event, ‘10,000 Reasons – A fundraiser for Elise’.  The theme for the event is ‘10,000 Reasons’ after the worship song; we asked the Richards family to come up with the theme.

This will be a whole College event between 9:00am to 11:00am (Primary classes) and 11:15am to 12:50pm (Secondary classes).  The students will go out to the oval as a class where there will be 6 activity stations set up around the oval.  Each class will run/walk to each station and participate in a fun activity.

Students are encouraged to wear casual clothing that can get dirty as they will be covered in colour by the end of the event.  If students wish, they can come to school dressed up in a costume that reflects the reason why they love God or even wearing a t-shirt that states their reason for supporting Elise.

The stations will be set up so that students will complete a full lap of the oval by the time they reach the sixth station and get covered in colour along the way.  Students can collect sponsorship per lap to a maximum of 10 laps.

We’ve adapted the ‘colour run’ theme to make an event that will be suitable for all ages and abilities.  If each child raises just $25 each, we should easily reach our goal of $10,000.00.  Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed and highest fundraiser in Primary and Secondary.

You can get involved by:

1) spreading the word about our fundraiser and/or donate, if possible.
2) getting on board and volunteering on the day or behind the scenes in the lead up to the event
3) donating/organising some prizes for the winners

Sponsorship and Donations

 Students are sponsored per lap up to a maximum of 10 laps.  The fastest and most convenient way to secure sponsorship and donations is online.  Each class will have a team page where you can donate directly.  The link to each class team page will be sent out via Flexibuzz, so keep your eyes open for that notification!  If you would like to create an individual sponsorship page for your child, please contact Kristina Rogers in the College office at kristina.rogers@hcc.vic.edu.au and she will send you an invite to do this.

Attached to this letter is a sponsorship form that you may print and use to secure donations.  You can also share the following general link https://give.everydayhero.com/au/10-00-reasons-a-fundraiser-for-elise on any of your favourite social media platforms to encourage donations.

If you do not wish to donate or deposit your child’s donations online, please refer to the attached payment form and use one of the other payment options to deposit your funds.  We apologise however that we will not be accepting cash on the day or leading up to the event.

Team Elise!

We are looking for at least 1 parent representative from each class from Prep to Year 12 to assist in the running of this event, which will take place between 9:00am to 11:00am (Primary) and 11:15am-12:50pm (Secondary) on Thursday 17 August.  To register your interest please contact Kristina Rogers in the College office on 8551 6684 or via the email address above.

To read more about Elise’s journey check out her blog at:


Copies of the forms are available in the College office.  Thank you for your support!

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