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We have fantastic staff at Heatherton Christian College. The teaching staff are experts in their field, hand-picked for their professionalism and commitment to Christian education. All staff at Heatherton Christian College are committed Christians, with deep involvement in their own church. We have a vast amount of experience on our staff. A great indicator of how happy staff are at HCC is the fact that we rarely have a staff member leave the school. Our teaching staff see their role as a calling, not just a job. The staff always have a lot fun together. This is really demonstrated in dress up days when all of the staff really go to so much effort to dress up and have fun!

Our admin staff do an outstanding job. We could not operate the school without them. Their roles include Business Manager, Bursar, Secretaries, VASS Administrator, Receptionists, IT Manager, Integration Aid, Groundsman/Maintenance and Cleaning staff.

Our annual staff retreat, for teaching and non-teaching staff, is a highlight of the year. We always come away from the weekend retreat inspired, united as a team and ready to do all that we can to see every child flourish at HCC.



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