Vision Statement

“Growing in Christ, striving for excellence, influencing the world.”

Purpose Statement

“The Christ-centred purpose of Heatherton Christian College is to partner with parents and the church in raising and discipling children, in a learning environment that develops character and inspires every student to excel in their unique gifts and talents, to realise their God intended potential.”

‘Distinctive’ of Heatherton Christian College

Research proves conclusively that children benefit greatly when parented and educated in the basis of secure attachment and safe foundations. Nurturing and responsive relationships build healthy brain architecture that provides a strong foundation for learning, behaviour and health.

Time and time again as new families are shown around the school for the first time they inevitably remark that there is such a caring, peaceful and nurturing environment at Heatherton Christian College. People sense it when they first walk in the building. Why do they sense this? Students at Heatherton Christian College are here in a loving and supportive environment, where teachers love them, genuinely care for them and are praying for them. It is the presence of God in this place.

What better environment is there to have your child educated in?!

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