I am so grateful to be the founding Head of Campus for Wyndham Christian College. Our school is a growing school for a growing community. It is inclusive and welcoming and reflects the multicultural vibrancy of the local area. As a new school we are committed to exploring education innovations that will enhance learning opportunities and prepare students for a successful future.

We are committed to:

  • Quality teaching,
  • Individualised learning,
  • Positive Student-Teacher Relationships,
  • Effective Behaviour Management strategies.
  • Student entrepreneurship,
  • Environmental Citizenship,

Wyndham Christian College is a campus of Heatherton Christian College. We are a select entry, faith-based school that will cater for 1,450 students from Prep to Year 12 by 2027. Wyndham Christian College is centred around the five Christian foundations found in Mark 12:28-38, our school is committed to providing opportunities for students to grow spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially and physically.

In 2019 we opened our Prep-Grade 4 campus with 100 students and will expand one-year level at a time. Our multi-staged building program has been designed to match the growth of our student body. Our modern and innovative classrooms will be situated on our expansive 30-acre property. The college plan is comprised of permanent student classrooms, a library, performing arts centre, indoor sporting stadium, science laboratories, food and information technology spaces, two ovals, outdoor basketball courts and a canteen/cafeteria space. We will have ample parking and will be able to utilise facilities within the church building that is positioned on site.

We welcome the opportunity to show you around out new campus, a place where your child can truly thrive.

Jennifer Trodden