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Heatherton Christian College is marking 21 Years of Christian Education.

Saturday 26th October @ 3.30 pm  Save the date!


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Heatherton Christian College
Heatherton Christian College7 hours ago
Footy Colours Day to celebrate the end of an exciting term! We hope you enjoy your holidays.
Heatherton Christian College
Heatherton Christian College3 days ago
Lock this one in!
Heatherton Christian College
Heatherton Christian College5 days ago
Always on the front foot, in Term 4 Heatherton Christian College is offering an optional new coding program:

Microbits is for Grades 2- 6 and provides a tactile coding adventure with a small hand held computer which is connected to the students computers. Using this, students can program games, communicate with each other and create projects. At the end of the program, students will keep their micro bit to continue their journey exploring this nifty little device.

To enrol in the program, please use this link:

No better place for your kids to learn

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316-322 Kingston Road 
Clarinda VIC 3169 Australia
(03) 8551 6650

The College is located in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne, about a 40 minute drive from the Melbourne CBD, with ample on-site parking

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