Katherine Goff (2014)

Since graduating in 2013 I have tried to move out of my comfort zone, pursue my passions, and gain life experience. In my gap year (2014), I worked full time at Waverley Christian College as an Outdoor Recreation Trainee, teaching classes, going on camps, and assisting the teaching staff. It was a very challenging year and I was so blessed to start full time work in a Christian school. In 2015 I commenced my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne while playing semi-professional football with South Melbourne Football Club. In August 2015 I deferred my degree and moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia. I spent the next 9 months teaching English at a private language school which was an incredibly steep learning curve! I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and was able to connect with a multilingual church and professional football club there. I returned to Australia in June 2016 and intend to complete my Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Languages in German, Italian, and Russian. I hope to go on to complete a Masters of Applied Linguistics, but we shall see!

I can confidently say that I would never have had all of these opportunities had it not been for Heatherton Christian College. Being selected to represent the school in the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars program which ultimately secured my enrolment at the University of Melbourne was an honour. Furthermore, I cannot thank the teachers enough for acting as references and informing me of the position at Waverley Christian College. Not only did this open up the opportunity for me to work in a school environment, but it also prepared me for my teaching contract in Russia.

Small schools are often boycotted by ambitious and concerned parents because they are afraid that they can’t prepare and give students the opportunities necessary for life after high school and entry into higher education. However, I strongly believe that Heatherton Christian College is capable of helping students to reach their potential and pursue their dreams. Thank you for helping me with mine!

Christian education storyMario Gupta (2008)

Since graduating from Heatherton Christian College life has taken me on a few interesting journeys.
Firstly, I studied a degree in Bachelor of Banking and Finance with International Trade. Secondly, I was a youth leader and Alpha leader at CityLife Church, Casey for over two years and have been actively participating in all church activities as a leader and speaking at different school chapels.
Thirdly, I played cricket and being an opening bowler, qualified to play for a Victorian Development Squad and was training to go and play overseas in Malaysia. However, due to injuries I had to stop playing.
Recently, having successfully completed my Bachelor’s degree in June 2012, I secured a contract to work in New Zealand as a Marketing and Dispatch Manager for EKEN Sports. Being in New Zealand has been challenging as I have been away from all family and friends. But God has been stirring up things in my life and I have come to a decision to join Bible College in 2013 and look forward to a life dedicated to ministry and seeing where God takes me in this new season of my life. 🙂
As an encouragement to all fellow graduates and students who are about to finish their school life, don’t hesitate to do something different; we all focus on the end result of Year 12 and have a plan of where we are heading. But, out of personal experiences, and having done a lot in the past 4 years, the one thing I can encourage you with is that no matter what happens, God’s will is always going to prosper in your life. He has your life written out so don’t hesitate to follow Him because He will take you places beyond your wildest dreams and those are the days we should all look out for.

Jeremiah 29:11

‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.’


Sean Madler-Edwards (2010)

After completing my VCE at Heatherton in 2010, I decided to pursue a degree at Swinburne University of Technology, majoring in digital media, as I found that to be an enjoyable passion of mine. I have already completed the first two years and am currently considering what fields to specialise in for my final year. I’m looking ahead to getting a job in the media industry. I am also working part time at my local church in their media department  I am glad to be able to look back at my time at Heatherton fondly as well as see the positive effect it has certainly had on my life.

Ryan Alexander (2010)

Having graduated from Heatherton Christian College in 2010, I have attended Monash University undertaking a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication. I recently volunteered on the 2012 Year 10 Missions Trip where I was one of the leaders for the Palm Island team. Missions has always been an untouched passion and it was such a blessing for me to go. It was there I decided to pursue a Discipleship Training School at YWAM Townsville where I will be spending the first six months next year, specialising in a course based off the Not For Sale campaign focusing on child slavery and human trafficking.After having my family needing to return to New Zealand after completing Year 12, I was faced with the problem of living alone. But this was not apart from God’s plan as He used HCC to continually bless me with a vast and diverse growing family here in Australia. It was through the help of the school that I learnt to discover my life’s passions and that this community is one that will beneficially influence me throughout my whole entire life. I could not be more grateful for being a part of the Heatherton Christian College family.

Tamara Nathaniel (2011)

Since leaving HCC there have been some great changes that have taken place. I am now studying a Bachelor of International Studies/Commerce at Deakin University with hopes to pursue a career in the international field. As of October, I have completed my first year in the course and it feels great! Time has moved quickly and right now I am paying a lot of attention to how I can be more proactive in volunteer and student recruitment programs. From the start of this year I have been travelling a lot with family and am planning to continue this summer in the USA to browse around study abroad and internship locations for the latter part of my undergraduate degree.

Aaron Gupta (2011)

After a year of finishing High School at Heatherton I have many things to thank the school for, apart from just being able to achieve my academic goals there. I am currently studying an Applied Bachelors Degree in Economics and Finance at RMIT which will take me 4 years to complete. Upon completion I would like to initially work in the Finance department of banking and eventually my goal is to work as an Economist.When I look back at my 7 years at Heatherton I thank the school for not only setting me up academically, but also for preparing me for what was to come after High School. Through programs like The City Challenge and Community Service just to name a couple, Heatherton’s curriculum plays a large part in Academic success but just as importantly in Personal Development which was essential upon completion of my schooling life.