Heatherton Christian College students achieved an excellent overall VCE/ATAR result in 2019.

We congratulate our Class of 2019 and share some information on their results with you:

100% pass rate for VCE,

20% of our students received an ATAR of 90 or above,

33% of our students received an ATAR of 80 or above,

14% of our students achieved a study score of 40 or more,

The median study score was 30.

We congratulate our dux for 2019, Talia Scott-Hayward with an outstanding ATAR score of 99.45.

The data above tells only a part of the story as each student has their own story of growth through their time with us at Heatherton CC. The next part of their journey has now begun.

As well as producing students who will “Strive for Excellence” in their academic studies, we truly seek to work with our children and families, to help develop people of character and faith, hence our full Vision statement states that we are; “Growing in Faith, Striving for Excellence, Influencing the World.”

For some of our students, this journey means their next step is onto University, for others, to TAFE, and for some, directly into the workforce. A key goal is to help students seek and find their areas of gifting and passion and be seeking God for direction in their path ahead.